In running there was always this word ” Foundation” that was spoke about almost everyday. As we all get older we seem to finally understand this term. When it comes to the sport of running, foundation is the miles you put on your feet. This is my teaching point I stand firm on. If you want a change in your ability to be active and healthy, start with a solid foundation of daily good habits. foundation quotes - Google Search

Put the miles on your feet and put in the extra work to create and build a foundation worth having. Your foundation is who you are as a runner and as a person. As a runner the foundation will put you to the next level of completing tasks as well as works outs; to life and having your feet planted under you. Over years of trial and error I found that the more I did to better myself the better everyone around me was. I built my foundation on helping others become successful in their running as well as being a better person than I was yesterday.

Build your own foundation, and running will be a great start to building that great foundation.

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Be Brave.

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Being brave comes many times during ones life and in many different ways. Don’t be afraid of being real. Be real when you run, mean it. Use the running to help you in everyday life to be brave; you took the first step to conquering, be brave.

Here is a link with some great stories:


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Running will give you so many experiences if you let it. Let yourself be free, take the risk of starting. I have faith in runners to change the world. Run hard today, run fast tomorrow, be brave on both.



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Running has a lot to do with investing. We need to do the work-outs, the race, the meals, the sleep hours, the extra distance. This is what it means to be invested,having a plan and a schedule. Running taught me a lot about investing actually. I learned that if I wanted to become the All-American Athlete it was going to take something more than talent. It was going to take, self investment. Dont be ashamed in investing in yourself, its a sign of self care. Be ashamed if you never did anything for you. When it comes to running, invest in yourself to complete the run, race, or work out knowing that there is and always will be a bigger picture to why you are doing what you do. Yes, there will be set backs; hurt feet, logged legs, head aches, missed times, and etc. Pain is the building of strength, get through it, dominate it. So after all is said and done, if you want something, a fast 5k, a finished marathon, good grades, no debt, or being a good person, INVEST in what it takes to get there, that is you…


How to Pace

Every run, every race, we learn and master pace. This concept is very hard to grasp and understand because pacing can be broken down many way. For instance we can run consistent miles, slower miles, and negative split miles. These are three of the main pacing system I have used over the years of racing and training. The acronym that I use is…

Patience, Accelerate, Conscious, Excite.

When racing having patience is key to winning the race, we cant rush our move, we need to wait on our time and be Patient on time and flow. Every lap or every mile learn to accelerate. Faster, Harder,Stronger; this is how you keep your mind in the race and the race on your mind. Bringing me to the next key note of Conscious. Stay conscious about your body, mind, and the race. Always be thinking and always run free. Stay excited for every aspect of running. can you have enough faith in yourself to do it big? I know you can, I have faith that you all what to stay excited for YOURSELVES, and that is what keeps me going on doing The Running Consultant.

Keep The P.A.C.E.


Win The Race.

Runners Runners

On this site I want to give free Tips and Tricks, I am not here to get rich or die trying.I am here to spread the knowledge that I have gained over the years to help as many people as I can to become the runner they always wanted to be. I wanted to emphasis this because I have not been posting in sometime, and I am sorry for that. I am on instagram as TheRunningConsultant and would like you all to follow me on there. I do Video, Pictures, Quotes, Tips, And Tricks for the avid new and old runners out there.


Run with your body, not against your body.

Breath, you already took the first step to greatness.

Use your heart, your head, and your feet. go.

I want to put tips up here thatare genuine. I will always do better to become the go to guy about running and its way of life. I hope to see you all on Instagram and I will have plenty of posts, tips, and tricks for you all to become great.

Thank You,

The Running Consultant


Training is hard. It takes a lot out of your day, when you are already spread so thin already. Even though we all have some crazy busy hours in the day, training is what keeps me grounded in this whirl of a world. It can give you a sense of accomplishment once you finish it for the day. Work is always going to be around but only a certain time will be able to train for something that is life changing. This training can be from running, all the way to becoming debt free. Train like you want out. Some tips for training are these.

  1. Just Start
  2. Stay alert
  3. Stay on the path

When it comes to these three training tips, these are what help me get through. Never be scared to just start. To your surprise it might just be what you were missing. Stay alert by knowing what you are doing and where you are wanting to end up, stay alert to the opportunities as well as mentors along your journey. Lastly, stay on your path. You have began paving the path so stay true to it, stay on it because you have faith in it and that’s all that matters. Run on, Stay on, Be on.