So….. Breathing

This is a concept that took me YEARS to figure out and master. I have also learned it varies from runner to runner. I was always a mouth breather, from running to sleeping. Than after one coaching clinic on breathing I was taught differently. Think about a deep sorrow or an endless happiness and breath deeply through your nose, hold it like you dont want to let it go, and than relax and breath out through your mouth. This helps with more oxygen intake as well as breathing stronger and deeper breaths. For most of my races at the end of my college career and beginning into my marathon races i switched to nose to mouth relaxation breathing and it really helps with mental toughness, posture, and forgetting that your already miles or minutes into your race. Just try it. Think about everything you have, had,and are going to get. Deep breath in through your nose and exhale and relax as your let the breath out through your mouth, and continue running or going about your day. This exercise is also a great stress relieve breathing exercise as well. Remember that you control the choice and the choice controls the outcome. Dont forget to run relaxed and dont forget to say to yourself… “I am bigger than my problems.” In through the nose out through the mouth and drop the shoulders and drift away in your run or relaxation.

Here is a link to read more on nose and mouth breathing techniques, and facts.


I am The Running Consultant, Brennan.

I found out I could run about 12 years ago now, 8th grade to be exact. The best part about running is the fact that you have something to show for you doing, running. This can be from a medal hanging on your wall, to an All-American Banner in your schools gym. The since of accomplishment is what I think brings out the best in running. Seeing proof that you did something and completed it shows you that, you, can do anything you put your mind, and gut to. I know running has such stigma around it, about it being no fun, hard, boring, too much, all those. Well I can say this, that stigma is not wrong. Sorry. there are days when you will feel one of these, or even all of these. The thing is, running will make you get up and let it go. Like seriously, just get up, and go. I have mastered my running technique over years of miles and trials. I am an All-American Athlete, A Conference Champion, Hold College School Records, and Have complete 3 marathons (3:46:00, 3: 39:00, 3:30:00). This is my way to share my expertise on the subject and in high hopes I can be a positive impact on other peoples lives as well as humanity. I can make you a monthly work out calendar or a weekly workout calendar, and guide you to accomplishing your goals, through support, and guidance. I will be your consultant in your journey to becoming what you want to become as a runner. Here is a reason why I think running is worth it for many, I have gotten to travel to multiple states, and different courses for this sport and this is why I think it is good for people, it can help you see what is around you but be going for a race and a purpose. I have learned over the years to become a runner you have to be doing it for something bigger than yourself, a purpose. If you do it for something bigger than you, than I dont think anything can stand in your way of accomplishing running, and in time anything.

I do consultations, always.